The Challenger Society for Marine Science

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What are the Society's objectives?

  • to advance the study and application of marine science through research and education;
  • to encourage two way collaboration between the marine science research base and industry/commerce;
  • to contribute to public debate and government policy on the development of marine science
  • to hold, at regular intervals, scientific meetings for the discussion of all aspects of marine science
  • to set up specialist groups as required in different disciplines to provide a forum for deeper technical discussions
  • to disseminate knowledge of marine science to the public with a view to encouraging a wider interest in the study of the seas and an awareness of the need for their proper management
  • to publish, among other things, news of the activities of the Society and of the world of marine science; material intended to present new activities and developments in a way to bring them to public attention; such other papers as may from time to time be deemed appropriate
  • to provide or arrange, in suitable cases, financial assistance to students in marine science 

How does the Society aim to achieve these objectives?

  • by holding regular scientific meetings covering all aspects of marine science;
  • by supporting specialist groups to provide a forum for discussion;
  • by publication of a range of documents dealing with various aspects of marine science;
  • by fostering links with other groups and societies throughout Europe and the rest of the world.