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The latest version of Challenger Wave and Ocean Challenge will be available to download here.
We are making these files available as soon as we can - please check back soon if you cannot find what you need.
Please allow some time for these to download, some are quite large files.

Challenger Wave

July 2015
May 2015
April 2015
March 2015
February 2015
January 2015
December 2014
Nov 2014
Oct 2014
Sept 2014
July 2014

Ocean Challenge

Ocean Challenge Vol. 20 Summer 2013


Ocean Challenge Vol. 21(1) Summer 2015



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Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry VII - University of Oxford, 6th-8th January 2016

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Challenger Conference 2016

Dates for the 2016 Challenger Conference confimed.

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UK Arctic Science Conference 2015

The University of Sheffield is host to the UK Arctic Science Conference 2015 on 16th-18th September 2015.

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